Gelem Metal and Plastic 2000 LTD.

Import, Cutting and Shipping of Raw Materials

Ever since the year 2000, Gelem Metal and Plastic has been providing quality raw materials to thousands of clients from various fields: construction, public sector, agriculture, industrial, technology, and more.
Metal and Plastic: our speciality lays in handling with these two important materials. Every year we import thousands of tons of metal and plastic products from world leading suppliers. We collect the materials, perform the cutting with professional machinery, and ship it to the storage units of our clients.
We believe in high-quality products, and in excellent customer service. The greatest indications of our success is the satisfaction of our clients, who chose us as their regular supplier.


Thousands of clients chose Gelem Metal and Plastic 2000 inc. as their main supplier. We import top-notch, quality metal. Our cutting services are known to be highly professional as well. Our list of products include: black tin, galvanized steel, cold rolled steel, metal poles, and other metal products. Click here for our full list of metal products.


PVC panels, X-Bond overlays for coating, polycarbonate panels, vinyl stickers, acrylic panels: Gelem Metal and Plastic 2000 inc. is the primary supplier of plastic products to thousands of clients across the country. Our company represents dozens of leading manufacturers in Israel and all over the world. Click here for our full list of plastic products.